Welcome to the TCCA

First and foremost we represent the Domestic Turf Cutters of Ireland, enabling all of us to speak with a unified voice.

Since our original inception as an organization in 1998 we have continued the fight to retain the right to cut turf to heat the family home, as has been part of Irish tradition and heritage for centuries.

We refuse to accept that ordinary Irish people should be evicted from their bogs by a troika of EU officials, Irish civil servants (NPWS), and a handful of environmental lobbyists on the basis of flawed science and misguided notions of conservation.

The TCCA and its members have always been to the forefront in ensuring the conservation of our bogs. Were it not for domestic turf cutters and private ownership, these bogs would have suffered the same destructive fate as many State owned bogs.

We shall continue to represent and fight for turf cutters rights until commonsense prevails.