The Government and EU plan to stop All Turf Cutting on these 75 sites at the End of 2013.
The TCCA is fighting vigorously against these further attempts to close even more bogs.
Further details will be announced in due course.

Site Code Site Name County
000220 Lough Namucka Bog NHA Galway and Roscommon
000221 Moorfield Bog/Farm Cottage NHA Galway and Roscommon
000222 Suck River Callows NHA Galway and Roscommon
000229 Ballygar Bog NHA Galway
000235 Bracklagh Bog NHA Galway
000245 Clooncullaun Bog NHA Galway
000247 Slieve Bog NHA Galway
000249 Cloonoolish Bog NHA Galway
000254 Crit Island West NHA Galway
000267 Funshin Bog NHA Galway
000280 Castle French West Bog NHA Galway
000281 Keeloges Bog NHA Galway
000283 Kilmore Bog NHA Galway
000284 Kilnaborris Bog NHA Galway
000292 Leaha Bog NHA Galway
000307 Lough Tee Bog NHA Galway
000310 Meneen Bog NHA Galway
000321 Raford River Bog NHA Galway
000333 Anna More Bog NHA Kerry
000337 Doon Lough NHA Clare
000422 Aghnamona Bog NHA Leitrim and Longford
000564 River Little Brosna Callows NHA Offaly and Tipperary
000565 Clonydonnin Bog NHA Offaly and Westmeath
000570 Black Castle Bog NHA Offaly
000591 Bella Bridge Bog NHA Roscommon
000603 Cornaveagh Bog NHA Roscommon
000605 Derrycanan Bog NHA Roscommon
000640 Arragh More Bog NHA Tipperary
000642 Ballymacegan Bog NHA Tipperary
000648 Killeen Bog NHA Tipperary
000652 Monaincha Bog/Ballaghmore Bog NHA Laois
000674 Ballynagrenia and Ballinderry Bog NHA Westmeath
000677 Cloncrow Bog (New Forest) NHA Westmeath
000684 Lough Derravaragh NHA Westmeath
000691 Rinn River NHA Leitrim and Longford
000694 Wooddown Bog NHA Westmeath
000890 Cangort Bog NHA Offaly and Tipperary
000921 Screggan Bog NHA Offaly
000937 Scohaboy Bog NHA Tipperary
000985 Lough Kinale and Derragh Lough NHA Cavan, Longford and Westmeath
000993 Ayle Lower Bog NHA Clare
001020 Loughanilloon Bog NHA Clare
001227 Aughrim Bog NHA Galway
001240 Capira/Derrew Bog NHA Galway
001244 Castle Ffrench East Bog NHA Galway
001254 Derrinlough Bog NHA Galway
001255 Derrynagran Bog and Esker NHA Galway
001264 Eskerboy Bog NHA Galway
001280 Killaclogher Bog NHA Galway
001283 Killure Bog NHA Galway
001303 Moorfield Bog NHA Galway
001324 Jamestown Bog NHA Meath
001352 Bunnaruddee Bog NHA Kerry
001388 Carbury Bog NHA Kildare
001393 Hodgestown Bog NHA Kildare
001405 Cashel Bog (Leitrim) NHA Leitrim
001420 Corracramph Bog NHA Leitrim
001423 Cloonageeher Bog NHA Leitrim and Longford
001448 Forthill Bog NHA Longford
001450 Mount Jessop Bog NHA Longford
001580 Girley Bog NHA Meath
001582 Molerick Bog NHA Meath
001623 Carrickynaghtan Bog NHA Roscommon
001652 Tullaghan Bog (Roscommon) NHA Roscommon
001684 Lorrha Bog NHA Tipperary
001725 Nure Bog NHA Westmeath
001812 Lough Garr NHA Westmeath
001853 Nore Valley Bogs NHA Tipperary
002033 Daingean Bog NHA Offaly
002072 Lisnanarriagh Bog NHA Roscommon
002307 Cloonloum More Bog NHA Clare
002323 Milltownpass Bog NHA Westmeath
002344 Annaghbeg Bog NHA Galway
002355 Hawkswood Bog NHA Offaly
002357 Clonreher Bog NHA Laois

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